Creative expression drives my teaching, research, and life.

Dr. Sally Chivers is Full Professor of Gender & Social Justice and English at Trent University, where she is a Founding Executive Member and Past Director of the Trent Centre for Aging & Society and recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Research Award.

The driving force behind every research question she pursues is to find, understand, and amplify the hidden or ignored contributions of older adults and people with disabilities, especially those who too often get pushed outside the frame.

A prolific and sought-after speaker and collaborator, Dr. Chivers writes, speaks, and makes short films about the social and cultural politics of health, aging, and disability. Her monthly podcast Wrinkle Radio fights ageism one story at a time. She has published two books that draw on film and literary analysis to emphasize connections between aging and disability in the public imagination. Her two co-edited collections show that cultural representations influence how we think about aging, long-term care, and disability, and vice versa.