Book Chapters

Cripping Care Advice: Austerity, Advice Literature, and the Troubled Link between Disability and Old Age

The Aging–Disability Nexus

Edited by Katie Aubrecht, Christine Kelly, and Carla Rice. UBC Press, 2020. 51-64. 

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Chapter 7: Still Julianne: Projecting Dementia on the Silvering Screen

The Routledge Companion to Disability and Media

Edited by Katie Ellis, Gerard Goggin, Beth Haller, and Rosemary Curtis. Routledge, 2019. 78-87. 

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What’s Exotic about the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? Cinema, Everyday Life, and the Materialization of Ageing

Ageing in Everyday Life: Materialities and Embodiments

Edited by Stephen Katz. Bristol: Policy Press, 2018. 83-98. Invited.

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Barrier by Barrier:  The Canadian Disability Movement and the Fight for Equal Rights

Group Politics and Social Movements in Canada

Calgary: Broadview Press, 2007.  307-328. Invited.

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Telling Stories: Literary Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Team Research

Creative Teamwork: Developing Rapid, Site-Switching Ethnography. Written with Derek Newman-Stille

Edited by Pat Armstrong and Ruth Lowndes. New York, Oxford UP, 2018. 143-155. 

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‘No place for sissies’: Gender, Age, and Disability in Hollywood

The Routledge Companion to Cinema & Gender

Edited by Kristin Lené Hole, Dijana Jelača, E. Ann Kaplan, and Patrice Petro. New York and Abingdon: Routledge, 2017. 68-76. 

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Survival of the Fittest: CanLit and Disability

The Oxford Handbook of Canadian Literature

Edited by Cynthia Sugars, Oxford University Press, 2016.  877-891. 

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Empty Husks: Age, Disability, Death, Care & Amour

Therapy and Emotions in Film and Television: The Pulse of Our Times

Edited by Claudia Wassman. Hampshire and New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015.  72-88. 

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Seeing the Apricot: A Disability Perspective on Alzheimer’s in Lee Chang Dong’s Poetry

Different Bodies: Essays on Disability in Film and Television

Edited by Marja Mogk. Jefferson, NC and London: McFarland & Company, 2013. 65-74. 

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Care, Culture, and Creativity: A Disability Perspective on Long-Term Care

Troubling Care: Critical Perspectives on Research and Practices

Edited by Pat Armstrong and Susan Braedley. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 2013. 47-58.  

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Academic Articles

“With Friends Like These”: Unpacking Panicked Metaphors for Population Ageing

Societies 11(3), 69

'Your own guilty story’: Rethinking Care Relations through David Chariandy’s Soucouyant.

Canadian Literature. 239 (2019): 108-124. DOI 10.14288/cl.v0i239.191363

Comment from the Field: Not an Activist? Ableism Meets Ageism in the Canadian Media.

Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies 12.1 (2018): 107-109. DOI 10.3828/jlcds.2018.7

There’s No Place Like Home:  Designing for Long-Term Residential Care in Canada.

Journal of Canadian Studies 50.2 (2017): 273-298. DOI 10.3138/jcs.50.2.273 

The Show Must Go On: Aging, Care, and Musical Performance in Quartet.

Modern Drama. 59.2 (2016): 213-230. DOI 10.3138/md.59.2.5

‘Blind people don't run’: Escaping the ‘Nursing Home Specter’ in Children of Nature and Cloudburst.

Journal of Aging Studies. 34(2015): 134-141. DOI 10.1016/j.jaging.2015.06.001

Reimagining Care: Images of Aging and Creativity in House Calls and A Year at Sherbrooke.

International Journal of Ageing and Later Life. 7.2 (2012): 53-71. DOI 10.3384/ijal.1652-8670.1272a3

Ordinary People: Reading the TransCanadian Terry Fox.

Canadian Literature. 202 (2009): 80-94. 

Public Articles

Instead of Jumping the COVID-19 Queue, Try Acting Your Age

The Conversation. Canadian Edition. April 27, 2021.

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Death-friendly Communities Ease Fear of Aging and Dying

The Conversation. Canadian Edition. March 29, 2021. 

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How We Rely on Older Adults, Especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Conversation. Canadian Edition. July 30, 2020.

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Aging Together and Apart: From the Pivot to the Pirouette. 

Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal. July 29, 2020.

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Make Mine a Double: Alcohol Consumption

Exercising Choice in Long-Term Residential Care

Edited by Tamara Daly and Pat Armstrong. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2017. 55-58

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Locks and Doors Matter

Physical Environments for Long-Term Care: Ideas Worth Sharing.

Edited by Pat Armstrong and Susan Braedley. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2016. 71-80. (I participated in research, data analysis, and writing).

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United Kingdom: Big City

Promising Practices in Long-Term Care: Ideas Worth Sharing

Edited by Donna Baines and Pat Armstrong. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2015. 63-65. 

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