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Care Home Stories: Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Residential Care

The “nursing home” deserves a closer look as something beyond a personal, social, and political failure, especially if we want to improve it. This book shares and analyzes stories told from within care homes: by workers, by residents, and by visitors as well as family members who continue to care for people living in care homes. International perspectives reveal commonalities across jurisdictions as well as some intriguing and important differences.

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Reviewers say...

"The book may offer real strength for any civil servants (especially policymakers and administrators), researchers, students, script writers, or sons or daughters who have not had personal experience with care homes. The read is revealing; I’d suggest that you press a copy into the hands of anyone in influence who needs such influencing."

Kenneth Rockwood
Canadian Journal on Ageing

"Care Home Stories captures the complexity of long-term residential care as a place of isolation, despair, violence, and confinement as well as a place of connection, community, deep relationships, joy, and resistance."

Hailee Yoshizaki-Gibbons
Disability Studies Quarterly

"There is something for everyone in this collection of personal and scholarly reflections about long-term residential care for older people, whether your preference is for poetry, experiences of living or working in, or being someone whose family member has moved to retirement housing, projects carried out with residents, or interpretations of films from gerontological perspectives."

Katharine Orellana
Ageing & Society