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Medical Assistance in Dying: Ethical and Policy issues in Southern Rural Alberta

Dr. Sally Chivers is Co-Investigator on this project, working on a media scan and digital stories. 

How does Medical Assistance in Dying work differently in rural settings? 

Since Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) presents distinct ethical issues in rural settings, our research team explores ethical and policy issues related to MAiD in rural Southern Alberta.  These include insufficient access to palliative care, less privacy or anonymity, potential stigma associated with requesting, providing, or receiving MAiD, and/or overlap between personal and professional relationships. Our main objectives are: 1) to better understand the MAiD policy and legal landscape in Alberta, 2) to gain insight into the representations of MAiD in rural communities and in the media their residents consume, and 3) to hear from rural residents and care providers about their lived experiences of related ethical issues.